I appreciate that this is a free event and a lot of organising goes into it each year but i was quite disappointed when i brought 3 kids to the Messiest Day. They were all looking forward to having water fights etc. We arrived at around 11am, made our way to the stage where there seemed to be some kids throwing bits of watermelon at each other and a queue of kids waiting to put elastic bands on a watermelon until it explodes. The kids that were with me were trying to watch the watermelon but were kept being asked to move because the staff wanted to take photographs. How can kids be expected to have fun and join in when they are constantly told to move out the way! Once the watermelon session was over evryone seemed to disperse and there was no announcement as to what or even when the next event was happening so we walked off to have a look around. one of the kids had a tattoo and went on the water slide sheet but the other 2 didnt want to join in. My daughter wanted to go on the inflatable slide which she only managed once because it was so slippery she came hurtling down it and nearly broke her back when she landed as the mat at the bottom was not big enough. The attendant didnt seem bothered about it and just said it was slippery because it had been raining. I would not let my daughter on again as felt it was too dangerous. I was not offered a refund and the slide remained open!!! We went for lunch and when we came back there was something going on at the stage but couldnt get near to find out what was going on so we walked round again but by this time the kids had got fed up. Couldnt find out what was happening later, if anything so after 3.5hrs and £60 spent, i had 3 bored kids, one with a sore back, who were wet through from rain rather than having fun wanting to go home. Sorry but wont be attending this again! Would have had more fun going to Waves!!!

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