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Thank you thank you thank you! To so many people who have made our event happen this year There are just so many people who have made this week possible but a special thanks to Anderton and Rowland’s fair Milo endacott and Costa Coffee St. John Ambulance Gemma...

Purchasing Tramadol

Exeter Chiefs have very kindly donated a Premiership match ball signed by lots of Chiefs players including British and Irish Lions Jack Nowell for us to Auction off tomorrow at the end of the day. Come down and bid tomorrow the highest bid will win the ball. Bids can...

Purchasing Tramadol Online

Someone has stolen the last few days! They have disappeared without a trace other than several litres of gunge over paignton green! Tomorrow is our last day of 2017! 😭 Join us on the green from 1030 with the normal Ents team antics we have lots of vehicles from the...